About MOTA


The “museum” was my art studio for about nine years in an old office building in Bellingham Washington that is now also home to the Pickford Cinema (downstairs). The spaces (for studios) were old offices that included small waiting areas and I had a lot of my nicer toasters set up in the waiting area as a bit of a gallery. These were to be the raw ingredients for pieces of art but the number so overwhelmed the finished pieces that my space simply became known as the “Toaster Museum” In my original spot this waiting room area could only hold about two more people besides myself and when the studio was open on gallery walks (once a month) numerous people would end up wandering past seeing the place “full”. Finally I splurged and rented a larger studio knowing I would not be able to afford it for too long but also finally most everyone walking by could actually come in and see my work. It was at this point I labeled the door with the letters MOTA for Museum of Toaster Art and to my surprise noticed that through the glass these letters perfectly spelled ATOM. While still hardly ever selling a piece the larger flow of visitors netted me about 60$ a month in donations and when it came time to leave it just turned out that the local paper wanted to do an article on the place and they fortunately mentioned my lack of funds and I sold a couple of pieces on the last night along with magnets and extra donations.


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